Up and Coming Veteran Entrepreneurs!

Graduates of Archi's Acres Present Their Future Business Plans

Wendy Moldow of One Roof Living participated as a panel member on 11/20/14 for the Veterans graduating from Archi's Acres as they presented their upcoming business plans. Many will go on to become amazing entrepreneurs just as their predecessors from the prior 25 classes.

"It was an honor for me to be able to suggest... ​

Nobody Wants To Be "PUT"

Your 60's is the time to figure out your future living situation, as in your 70's, you're tired and set in your ways!

Then, in your 80's, you're too late and at risk of being "PUT"!

Nobody wants to be "put" somewhere!

Recently I met with several active women in their 80's who now realize their upcoming undesirable choices. Could sharing a luxury home be the answer just like the GOLDEN GIRLS?​


Multi-Generational Living is a trend that is expected to change the way people shop for a new home. Some group homes are geared for facing economic or medical challenges, while other homes are simply for companionship. The MOLDOW team at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty® are experienced REALTORS® who specialize in finding homes that allow for shared living, while providing individual living spaces.