Shall I stay or shall I go?

When your spouse has died and you are left living alone in a 8000 square foot luxury estate, what are your options?

Leave the home and lifestyle you’ve come to enjoy and move into a Retirement Village, or just maybe find some friends or relatives to share your space offering each of them private living quarters and create your own COMPOUND, surrounded by friends and family you’ll continue enjoying luxury living.

Will your estate be compound friendly? Let’s have a look. Call us, we’re here to help in making those very important life decisions.

It may not be the Kennedy Compound, or Larry Ellison’s as shown above and below…but it will be yours!

Larry-Ellison-1Larry Ellison Woodside, Calif.
Net Worth: $28 billion
Over the last few years the Oracle co-founder has dropped $200 million by some estimates on near a dozen properties in Malibu to create a custom compound. His 23-acre estate in Woodside, pictured here, is inspired by the Japanese city of Kyoto and is reminiscent of a 16th-century imperial Japanese palace. It reportedly cost upward of $200 million to build.


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