Disabled & Special Needs

Disabled_Special Needs

Most group homes are standard, single-family houses, purchased by group home administrators and adapted to meet the needs of the residents. Except for any adaptive features such as wheelchair ramps, group homes are virtually indistinguishable from other homes in the surrounding neighborhood. Group homes may be located in neighborhoods of any socioeconomic status.

Opening a Day Care for special needs in California

The demand for special needs day care services is on the rise. Starting your own special needs day care follows the same principals as a regular day care. However, special needs day care staff requirements are somewhat different as are teacher-to-child ratios. In order to operate a successful business, you will have to adhere to various rules and regulations.

An information link for starting your special need home is listed below. CALL US at OneRoofLiving.com if you are looking for a specific location, cause that’s our job!

How to Open a Home Day Care for Children with Special Needs


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