Multi-Generational Living


One of the hottest trends in housing is the revival of multigenerational living. More generations living together can be beneficial for all involved, especially when help is needed for child or elder care. Not only are families coming back together again, but twenty-somethings are now staying home longer. Both of these trends are part of a nationwide shift to the reuniting of extended families. Since 1990, the number of multigenerational households has grown by approximately 40%. There are now some 50 million Americans (greater than 16%) living in such households around the country. With life expectancies increasing, baby boomers retiring, and pension funds failing, these numbers will only continue to accelerate.

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Either parents are moving in with their grown kids or kids are moving back in with their parents and sometimes both! That is when living under one roof with their own private area becomes a necessity. The MOLDOW team can find you such properties.


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