June 24, 2014 7:39 am


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To: Rick Hagen, Broker
Pacific Sotherby’s International Realty
From: Susan and Mark Sandson
Re: Sale of Del Mar home $2.125M

With the exceptional help of your agent, Wendy Moldow, we recently closed the sale of our home at 4335 Vista de la Tierra, Del Mar.

We want to tell you how pleased we are with Wendy’s service in the sale of our house and purchase of a replacement home. Here’s some background, FYI. We bought the house 18 years ago . . . at a great price (again, thanks to Wendy, who was our agent for that purchase). When it came time to sell, we had to reflect on how to proceed. Several of our friends were agents or had spouses in the business, and they all sought the listing.

Our choice wasn’t difficult (except for having to say “no, thanks” to several friends). We recalled how effective Wendy was in the purchase of the home. Wendy was “all over” every detail of that transaction, and we saw that she lost none of her tenacity and fire.

Of the prospective agents we spoke with, it was Wendy who agreed with our somewhat aggressive pricing ambitions. She didn’t offer any assurance that they could be met, only that she believed in them and agreed they were worth a try.

Wendy delivered. As mentioned above we received an acceptable offer the third day of the listing. The deal closed in less than a month, in spite of some challenging inspection and infestation problems, ones that she smoothly resolved with the buyer’s agent. And Wendy efficiently managed the purchase contract for our new home.

Every home change is a challenge, especially for us “seniors”, but Wendy absorbed the stress and made it work out. We don’t expect to be buying or selling again. However, if we were, we’d find Wendy, wherever she might be.


Susan and Mark Sandson[/su_note]


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To: Rick Hagen, Broker
Pacific Sotherby’s International Realty
From: Paula Mendell
Re: Sale of Beach Condo $870K

Dear Rick,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Wendy Moldow who was my agent on an investment property which I sold located at 321 West I Street in Encinitas.  The property was listed a few months ago and was in and out of escrow twice before finally closing at a good price the first of August.

Wendy did an excellent job in getting the condo ready for sale and closed the deal in a few short months.  After the condo was painted a neutral color, she went through each and every room determining what needed to be done to make the place more aesthetically pleasing.  She personally met with painting contractors at the condo, helping me determine which contractor was the best.  This saved me time and money and was much appreciated.  She then had another contractor remove all the mirrors; from the outdated bathrooms, replacing them with modern, framed mirrors; the outdated outlets changed to a white color; and the fireplace sprayed with dark paint which immediately gave the appearance of an updated clean look.  The doorknobs throughout the unit were replaces with chrome hardware and new lighting was put in the closet.  All of this repair work was done for under $1000! She even added accessories and art to this vacant unit.  No agent I have ever utilized in the past has ever done anything like this!  I was totally impressed with her efficiency and knowledge of what it takes to get a place ready for sale.

Wendy also has a true feel for sizing up potential buyers.  She even knows when to take an offer seriously and when not to.  Her years of experience are evident, always having the best interest of her sellers in mind.  She was always encouraging and optimistic even when the first two escrows fell through.

It truly pays to “go the extra mile” and Wendy’s wherewithal made me a very happy seller.


Paula, C. Mendell