Nobody Wants To Be "PUT"!

November 11, 2014 11:27 am

golden-girlsYour 60’s is the time to figure out your future living situation, as in your 70’s, you ‘re tired and set in your ways!  Then, in your 80’s, you’re too late and at risk of being “PUT”! Nobody wants to be “put” somewhere!  Recently I met with several active women in their 80’s who now realize their upcoming undesirable choices.  Could sharing a luxury home be the answer just like the GOLDEN GIRLS?  Below is an email received which basically says it all:

I’ve been looking @ retirement places, dear Wendy and always come away disheartened, sad and deep inside, knowing full well, these places are just NOT for me!  My friend says I am too free-spirited, self-directed, artistic, independent, adventurous and creative for the rigid lifestyle of these communities……. My first instinct after visiting one of them is to remember life in Mexico warm, caring, loving human beings. NOT the business-style of management shown locally. Which is wonderful for so many older people in need of finding their own solutions to their “golden years”.
I keep thinking about a “community home” with talented, self-motivated people who wish to run their own lives TOGETHER, which is what YOU offer.
How do I go about this in super-expensive southern California? I LOVE my home, one floor, 2 pianos, bright, sunshiny, accessible to everything. I know several ladies who are similar to me with similar tastes and needs. Convincing us ALL to sell our homes and have YOU find one new one accommodating us ALL???? Come and talk to me, please, perhaps I can even buy my son’s land and BUILD an appropriate size home??
What ideas do YOU have for my needs? This is really the PLANNING stage only, but we do have to begin someplace, right?
A multi-generational home would be lovely!