Robot Mode™

June 10, 2014 9:57 pm


The Robot Mode. How do you do it? Friends would ask as I became the caregiver for my aging Mom for six years.

I’ll never forget going to the hospital after her first stroke and the nurse handing me her dentures to clean. Mom’s smile was now in the palm of my hand and I just wished I could click my heels and disappear. That was BIG, but only a sneak preview of what

was yet to come. Having two little grand daughters, I had recently renewed my diapering skills, but never did I think I was being programmed for changing my own Mother’s!

Oh yeah, I’ve got stories up the ying/yang too! Taking my mother to a restaurant was always a treat! LOL She’d try to put everything that wasn’t nailed down on the table into her purse. The leftover food, even from everyone else’s plate, the packages of jelly, salt, sugar and even the un-used napkins! At home her drawers were filled with this stuff. And when I smelled something fowl coming from her closet, I’d find last month’s meatball special in her sweater pocket!Soon I learned the importance of the ROBOT MODE and how it would take me through those unquestionably, unthinkable moments.

As time went on at the assisted care center I’d discover she had stuffed ice cream into her purse, obviously too good not to eat and she just wanted to save it for later! But the half sucked hard candies permanently attached to her pocket interiors were my all time favorites!